The pilot project «Recycling@Home» will be implemented in the Greek Municipalities of Amaroussion and Mandras - Eidyllias. Specifically, through a process of questionnaires, a total number of 100 households from both Municipalities will be selected to participate in the pilot operation phase of the prototype recycling system at home, for approximately 8 months, a system developed for the first time, on a worldwide basis, by the project.

The participating households will be able to place their paper, plastic and metal waste inside the home recycling device, where they will be compressed, stored and afterwards collected door-to-door at specified periods by the related Municipalities.

The members of the families who will participate in the programme will be granted special privileges to the services provided by the two Municipalities in the areas of culture and sports.


By participating in the "Recycling at Home" initiative: 

  • You have the opportunity to reduce the amount of your waste and therefore the "environmental footprint" of your home
  • You participate in an initiative for increasing household recycling
  • You contribute to the change of attitudes towards a more environmental direction
  • You support a project for reducing the volume of waste in your Municipality
  • You reinforce an initiative for saving natural resources, through recycling and reuse practices which provide high quality recyclable household waste
  • You have access to significant eco-advices concerning recycling
  • You network with other "green houses" within the framework of the project
  • You contribute in an effort to make the neighbourhoods more human and environmentally friendly


The participation of households in the project is free of charge!!!