The Municipality of Amaroussion located northeast of the Prefecture of Attica, occupies an area of 13 square kilometers and has a population of 72.333 inhabitants.

More specifically, the Municipality of Amaroussion is situated in the ancient Athmonon city which was founded by King Cecrops in order to protect the city of Athens from the invasions of the barbarians. The area was known for its ceramic pottery as well as its temples dedicated to the worship of Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt from Amarynthos during the 7th century BC. The Municipality of Amaroussion is also famous for its beautiful neoclassical buildings as well as for the promotion of the Olympic Games with the distinguished sportsman Spyros Louis.

The altitude of the city of Amaroussion is 230m, and is located 2km south of Kifissia and 11km northeast of Athens centre. The Municipality of Amaroussion borders with the Municipalities of Pentelli, Vrillissia, Psychico, Nea Ionia, Iraklio and Peyki.

The Municipality of Amaroussion is a member of the Association for the Protection and Restoration of Penteliko, the Association of Northern Sector for the Sustainable Development. It has to be mentioned that Amaroussion has been established as an important financial and business centre, since many important Greek and multinational enterprises of construction, financial corporations, telecommunications and retail trade companies have placed their headquarters in the area. The city is a reference point for all its residents and is known worldwide for its rich cultural and sporting infrastructures (i.e. OAKA, City Hall, Art Gallery, Voreeios Library, the Spathario Museum and the busy traffic junctions of Neratziotissa and Maroussi.

The Municipality of Amaroussion has signed the Covenant of Mayors Committed to local sustainable energy. In addition, it has participated in a number of projects, such as "CASCADE", "Energy Neighbourhoods 2", "CLEANDRIVE", "PRO-EE", "PEPESEC", "IDEMS", "EnerinTown", "Sec-Bench", "Urban Heat Island" etc.


Municipality of Amaroussion

9 Vas.Sofias & Dim.Mosxa St., 15124 Maroussi, Greece

Tel: +30 213 2038306,

Fax: +30 213 2038534